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At Plumber Kings, we recognize the significance of clean and safe drinking water. Our exceptional water filtration services are designed to ensure that the water in your home or business is free from contaminants, guaranteeing its suitability for consumption. Our team of skilled plumbers will conduct a thorough assessment of your water quality and recommend the most suitable filtration system to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require a straightforward faucet-mounted filter or a more intricate whole-house filtration system, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our comprehensive filtration services encompass the professional installation and maintenance of top-of-the-line reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, and whole-house filtration systems. To ensure enduring performance and optimal water purification, we exclusively utilize superior products from trusted manufacturers. With our advanced filtration systems, not only will you notice an improvement in the taste and odor of your water, but you’ll also gain the confidence of knowing that your drinking water is safe and healthy.

Don’t settle for compromised water quality. Get in touch with Plumber Kings today to schedule a consultation for water filtration services, and begin reaping the benefits of clean, safe drinking water.


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Water Filtration Install

We will help you choose the right water filtration system to meet your needs.


Water Filtration Repair

If you’re experiencing problems with your water filtration, our technicians can diagnose and repair the issue.


Water Filtration Replacement

If your water filtration is beyond repair, our team can help you choose a replacement.


All Your Water Filtration Service Needs

Our team of experienced technicians will assess your water filtration and determine the best course of action to quickly and effectively resolve the problem.

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Water Filtration Repair

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Water Filtration Installation

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Water Filtration Replacement

Regular maintenance of your home’s water filtration system is crucial to uphold the ongoing quality of your water. As time passes, the filters can accumulate blockages and lose their efficacy, resulting in various problems like diminished water pressure, unpleasant taste or odors, and potential health hazards. At Plumber Kings, we provide professional water filtration replacement services dedicated to preserving the health and safety of your home’s water supply. Our team of experienced plumbers will conduct a thorough inspection of your system, identify the most suitable filter replacements for your specific needs, and ensure their swift and efficient  installation.

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining your water filtration system. Contact us today to benefit from our expert water filtration replacement services, ensuring the continued excellence of your home’s water quality.


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Regular replacement of water filters is essential to maintain the effectiveness of your water filtration system. Over time, filters can become clogged with contaminants, reducing their ability to purify water effectively. Regular replacement ensures optimal performance and helps prevent issues such as reduced water pressure and compromised water quality.

The frequency of water filter replacement depends on various factors, including the type of filter, water quality, and usage. As a general guideline, it is recommended to replace most filters every 6 to 12 months. However, specific recommendations may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice.

Several signs may indicate the need for water filter replacement. These include a noticeable decrease in water pressure, changes in taste or odor of the water, or if it has been longer than the recommended replacement interval. If you experience any of these issues, it’s a good idea to consider replacing your water filters.

While some water filters can be replaced by homeowners, it’s often recommended to consult a professional plumber for proper installation and optimal performance. Plumbers have the expertise to assess your specific filtration system, recommend suitable filters, and ensure correct installation for reliable water purification.

At Plumber Kings, we have experienced plumbers who specialize in water filtration systems. Our team can inspect your existing system, recommend the right filters for your needs, and professionally install them to ensure optimal performance. We take pride in providing reliable and efficient water filtration replacement services to maintain the health and safety of your home’s water supply.